Why organic food?

Organic food is what's best for human wellbeing, regardless of age and fitness. Because organic food is free of any harmful chemical substances or genetically modified organisms, it nourishes while respecting the natural functions of the body. It is understood that an organic diet contributes to a better lifestyle and can help reducing the risk of contracting lethal and chronic diseases.

As the conservation of our planet is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, organic production comes as a solution to the problem. By promoting and enhancing biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity, organic agriculture helps restore previous damage and ensure a better environment for generations present and future.


Why incorporate Alce Nero as part of your diet:


Celebrating its 40th year anniversary as a leader among eco-conscious and health conscious consumers


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Organically grown, harvested and made in Italy with authentic Italian organic produce,


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The Alce Nero cooperative of farmers prides itself on being 100% organic certified by European Union law and by JAS organic agriculture in Japan, including the crops, the land on which it is grown, the factories in which it is processed, as well as the procedures and ingredients used for all items.


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Alce Nero’s certified 100% organic products are free from preservatives, pesticides, MSG, artificial sweeteners, flavorings, colouring, high sodium and other items that may have a negative impact on health in the long term. 


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Certified Halal by official certification bodies recognized by JAKIM.